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How is AbOriginis certification structured?


The elements that characterise AbOriginis' certification are simple and essential, benefiting from the blockchain as a validation agent that is also referred to as 'notarisation'.


The steps or phases in the production of the final product can be traced by marking them, or if this is not possible, through paper or electronic documentation where reference is made to the closure of the phase, in which case a marking is also generated.


The coming together of these processing steps generates a supply chain report that is authenticated through the creation of the final token, either in physical format to be affixed to the product or traceable on the web by reading the QR code.


The QR code allows for different information and certification options that are dictated by the business needs of the company and can be customised with great fluidity of solutions.


By closing the production chain and issuing the final token, one obtains a trace of all the stages that were decisive for the final product and that enhance its characteristics or even only its originality. It is the company's exclusive choice to apply the certification to the supply chain or exclusively to the final product .


The consumer/purchaser of the product will be able to verify the AbOriginis certificate easily via the QR code and verification of the code below.


Technological innovation is applied to the management of our daily lives by implementing a revolution that allows absolute certainty about the UNIQUENESS and VALIDITY of what is certified through blockchain.


These two adjectives, though simple and common, can distort the concept we had until now of Origin and Originality, for how can we be sure that an object, a food, a document, is indeed an original and not a fake?


Through the blockchain-certified code and a smartphone, we can check whether that item is really what its label describes, and if we want to, we can also read the entire Certificate of Origin with the relevant information that the manufacturer has indicated.


The Certification of Origin determines a global uniqueness of that good, a certification that if replicated for the purpose of forgery results as Fake because that object has already been indexed and registered to its rightful owner, with Ab Originis we obtain the greatest deterrent to forgery of any good, production chain, commercial documentation, transit of goods and more. The solution also applies to document exchanges by enabling the electronic sending of contractual documents that are in fact originals and also the only existing copy.