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Tokenized supply chain certification

The project objective of AbOriginis is the attribution of the role of Certifying Body, i.e. to be able to attribute to goods and services the qualification that derives from its peculiar characteristics, its production path and its uniqueness.


The tools used are the blockchain and the issuance of an NFT token, and in some cases in POAP mode, i.e. Proof of Attendance Protocol, a term for unique NFTs that can certify people's participation in specific events that require proof of attendance. Organisers of courses, conferences, concerts, trade fairs can create POAPs to distribute to participants, POAPs are considered the 'bookmarks of your life' because they build a map of your experiences and achievements on your wallet. POAPs appear as certified badges.

The certification project begins with verification processes differentiated according to the nature of the activity.


Let us take as an example the evaluation of an application for certification by a company that wants to strengthen its identity by also emphasising ethical elements.


Let's start with the SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire), which involves both the company to be certified and the main supplier companies.


Based on the SAQ review, an AUDIT programme is prepared that allows for the verification and review of business steps, which in case of approval allows for the award of AB Originis Certification.

Significance of Product or Supply Chain Certification
  • Performance with regard to the social along the supply chain is improved if the ethical character of the supply/product is to be strengthened;
  • It allows careful management of its suppliers;
  • The risk of fraud directed at product falsification is eliminated;
  • Duplication of audits is reduced;
  • A global procedure is provided in full transparency, enhancing the value of the product.
The benefits of Certification
  • Brand and product protection worldwide
  • Improving business organisation
  • Increased credibility and improved image to the outside worl
  • Reduction of costs due to scrap, rework or management inefficiencies
  • Improving relations with staff
  • Continuous improvement of quality performance
  • Reduction of customer complaints and disputes
  • Positive reception by the national and international market
  • Ease of export by meeting the requirements of international customers
Blockchain in this context

The use of blockchain as a certification framework is the hallmark of our services.


The blockchain allows for forgery-proof documentation and certification with immediate verification by any party without the use of dedicated software or tools.

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